76. Our Baby's Book (Ernest Tubb)
  77. When The World Has Turned You Down (Ernest Tubb)
  78. I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye (Ernest Tubb)
  79. I'm Glad I Met You After All (Ernest Tubb)
  80. That's All She Wrote (Ernest Tubb)
  81. I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore (Ernest Tubb)
  82. I Don't Want You After All (Ernest Tubb)
  83. Just Crying To Myself (Early L. Graham-Ernest Tubb)
  84. Try Me One More Time (Ernest Tubb)

  Monday, May 21, 1945 Chicago, IL
  BAND: Rhythm Guitar: Ernest Tubb. Lead Electric Guitar: Leon Short. Bass: Jack Drake. Fiddle: Johnny Sapp. Steel Guitar: Ray "Kemo" Head.
  85. I've Lived A Lie (Ernest Tubb-Wallace Fowler)
  86. Wondering If You're Wondering Too (Ernest Tubb)
  87. When Love Turns To Hate (Ernest Tubb-Pete Pyle-Chuck Harding))
  88. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder (JimmieDavis-Ekko        Whelan-Lee Blastic)
  89. Daisy May (Floyd Tillman)
  90. I Hung My Head And Cried (Jimmie Davis-Cliff Bruner)
  91. There's Nothin' On My Mind (Ernest Tub)
  92. Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry (Al Dexter)
  93. Love Gone Cold (Johnny Bond)
  94. You Brought Sorrow To My Heart (Johnny Bond-H. H. Melka)
  95. Home In San Antone (Floyd Jenkins)
  96. Darling, What More Can I Do? (Gene Autry-Jenny Lou Carson)
  97. Blue Bonnet Lane (Cindy Walker)
  98. At Mail Call Today (Gene Autry-Fred Rose)
  99. I Believe I'm Entitled To You (Cliff Carlisle-Chester Rice-Mel Foree)
  100. You're Going To Be Sorry (Ernest Tubb)
  101. I Hang My Head And Cry (Gene Autry-Fred Rose)
  102. Each Night At Nine (Floyd Tillman)
  103. My Confession (Bob Wills)
  104. My Hillbilly Baby (Rex Griffin)